The year is half way through but the interior design trends predicted for 2017 are still in full swing. If you’ve missed out on any of these trends, there’s still time!

In Tune With Nature
With ecologically-conscious living becoming a global phenomenon, the design trends have found meaning in simplicity and space. It’s time for things that are real and airy – fresh plants, better ventilation with large windows, indoor vines, and recycled products that range from furniture to upholstery.


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Green is the New Black

The year of 2017 has been all about the Pantone Color Green, as opposed to last year’s contrasting colors of pastels and grey. The color is all the more relevant in modern times scarred by the dark events in politics and nature. The touch of intense, bright colors like green on the wall gives a touch of lightness and newness highlighting the possibility of rejuvenation. Home décor emphasizing green showcases elegance and natural inclination, and makes you feel at home.


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Tropical Prints

With nature being a serious theme this year, all design prints seem to have a touch of tropical beauty. The contrasting combination of plain colors with printed design does a fabulous job of bringing out one’s character. A sofa, for example, could use a light plain color combined with printed pillows that are tropical and refreshing.


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Marble and Brass

Young Huh, one of Vogue’s five young interior designers, talks about the domination of marble and brass in 2017. In kitchens and bathrooms, all surfaces are trending to be built with marble and brass that invite a sense of nature and cleanliness combined with an industrial touch.


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Unconventional Lighting
Not many realize, but lighting can make or break the design and plays a significant role in setting the mood. We all carry a unique design sensibility and what better to express it than with lighting! It’s an accessory and can add life to any corner of your space. A bedside lamp or a lighting fixture in the dining area can be great additions to express a design aesthetic that lives long.


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